Fostering a College Going Culture and New Generation of Global Leaders
Mater Academy, Inc. currently serves 4,673 high school students of which 83 % are economically disadvantaged, and 97% are minority students.

Prior to the Mater experience a vast majority of our students lacked access, exposure, or opportunity to high-quality academic programs that focused on preparing students for college. Through a seamless K-12 model offering a variety of innovative college preparatory programs, we have been able to address the largely unmet needs of college preparation, affordability, equity and access for many of our students.

Integrated College Experience (ICE)
Mater provides an Integrated College Experience (ICE) program at each middle/high school campus through partnerships with local colleges.

The ICE program gives Mater students direct access to higher education by bringing college directly to Mater high school campuses. This allows our students to enroll in tuition-free dual-enrollment courses for college credit by 10th grade.
As a result, Mater students have the opportunity to earn Associates of Arts Degrees prior to graduating from high school.

More than 1/5 of 10th-12th graders at Mater
participated in dual enrollment courses in 2015.
Mater high schools have graduated 239 seniors
with concurrent Associate of Arts degrees.
Mater Academy High Schools
SAT, ACT, and AP Results
82% Took SAT
100% Average SAT
64% Took ACT
18% Average ACT
82% Took one or more AP exam
42% Scored 3 or higher on at least one AP exam
84% College Attendance Rate
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