Roberto C. Blanch, President

  • Provide management and oversight of school system operations;
  • Evaluate Principals annually;
  • Meet with Stakeholders and parents to address any concerns as a threshold/intermediary and makes recom mendations to the Board prior to Board’s involvement;
  • Respond to concerns and complaints of any stakeholders who request audience and provide resolution efforts to remediate their conflict prior to addressing governing board;
  • Negotiate and coordinate contracts and evaluate services of Mater, Inc’s contracted professionals;
  • Annually evaluates the work and services provide by hired education service provider, and provides recommen dations to Board as needed;
  • Reviews and evaluates school system procedures including but not limited to Code of Ethics, Whistle Blower, Conflict of Interest, and further evaluates the procedures implemented by the Sponsor and makes recommenda tions regarding same;
  • Oversees Principal Coalition meetings and provides recommendations to Board (e.g. interim assessments, trans portation, Comprehensive Reading Plan, Code of Student Conduct, crisis management, et. al.;
  • Convene annual Leadership training/retreat and/or training program for new directors annual continuing edu cation program for existing directors;
  • Commissions the Lead Principal and Assistant Lead Principal to ensure implementation of Mater’s desegregated circle-centralized system of management;
  • Oversees reporting of annual progress to Sponsor and the Commissioner of Education to ensure the School Sys tem’s accountability reports are submitted and received;
  • Oversee and enable Academic accountability and financial accountability;
  • Oversees the Auditor’s certification process and makes recommendations to the Board for Auditor selection; ensures the timely submission of all audited financial reports from each school to the sponsor as required by the state accountability requirements;
  • Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board on the A.F.S., including addressing any audit findings and recommendations;
  • Oversees creation of operating budgets and financial statements for each school for the Board to adopt;
  • Exercise continuing oversight over charter school operations;
  • Offer means for employee recruitment;
  • Conduct periodic and annual evaluations of the performance of each School in categories of financial perfor mance, including budget to actual financial results; staff turnover data; academic performance, including enroll ment; and facilities costs;

Oversee Charter School Annual Report preparation and submission to include:

  1. Student achievement performance data;
  2. Financial status of the School, including revenues and expenditures at a level of detail that allows for analysis of the ability to meet financial obligations and timely repayment of debt;
  3. Documentation of the facilities in current use and any planned facilities for use by the charter school for instruction of students, administrative functions, or investment purposes;
  4. A report on each charter school’s personnel, including salary and benefit levels of charter school employees, the proportion of instructional personnel who hold professional or temporary certificates, and the proportion of instructional personnel teaching in-field or out-of-field;
  • Oversee hiring procedures and out of area waiver requests for employees;
  • Review all federal and state mandates and ensure system wide implementation (e.g. CSR, Merit Pay for teachers);
  • Ensure Facilities are well maintained and offer a safe learning environment that are conducive to learning;
  • Approve respective principal budget plans (including staff allocations) to ensure state and federal mandates are maintained and conducive to learning;
  • Ensure School system effectiveness and adherence to all SACS/CASI quality system standards and indicators;
  • Oversee website implementation as a communication tool to address all stakeholders;
  • Oversee annual Quality Assurance Review of all schools and present to Board on any relevant findings;
  • Report to Board on overall school system compliance with all SACS/CASI standards for individual Schools in con junction with ESP;
  • Actively works to identify new facilities and alternate financing if necessary;
  • Act as liaison between government officials, politicians and other community stakeholders;
  • Represent Mater, Inc. as Head of School System;
  • Instill climate of high expectations.

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